Digital Marketing - Just Because You Can, Doesn't Mean You Should

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For anyone who grew up in El Paso and chose to move away at some point in their lives, it can be easy to see how behind our city is on a lot of trends. 3 years ago when Yelp started to be the only way people chose a restaurant in big cities, El Paso businesses were slow to catch on to Yelp and even users paid little attention to the system.

Local businesses are very slow to adapt to new digital tech which makes it difficult for owners to understand the importance of digital marketing strategies. Local business owners wear many hats in El Paso. You might start off your day buying product for your business, followed by working the cash register, you pay the business bills, you look for ways to attract more customers, and so on. With so many responsibilities it is impossible to keep up with current marketing trends. Marketing then loses its place on top of your priorities list. It takes time and effort to adapt to new technologies and more often than not, small businesses don’t have the: 1. Expertise in digital media 2. Equipment 3. Time and resources, to make necessary changes to their marketing strategies.

Here are a couple examples that local business owners who try to do their own digital marketing fail at:

  • Content Calendar - when posting on social media, a sporadic scheduling of posts can cause confusion for your audience. Posting 3 times in a day, then having no activity for 10 days is not beneficial.

  • Building partnerships - working and advertising in collaboration with other local businesses is a huge opportunity in El Paso. Word of mouth is king here. Just because you don’t sell the similar goods and services doesn’t mean there aren’t creative ways to work together for an increase in sales.

  • Mobile First Designs - whether you sell clothing or food, most consumers today are on the go and on their phones. It is important to have a responsive design when it comes to your website, ads, and posts. A great first impression from your mobile site can ensure a customer will choose your business over the competition.

  • Advertising - who you’re advertising to in El Paso is far more important than what your ad is. Picking who you’re targeting for an ad can maximize ROI, whereas an expensive commercial will reach a lot of people who have zero interest in what you have to offer.

Local businesses with smaller budgets benefit from a customized digital marketing strategy. This approach invests the bulk of your marketing dollars on local marketing tactics that show the best returns for your business. There is a lot of power in digital marketing for small local businesses in El Paso. As a business owner, remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.